infinitealias sent: 86 those patties krabs. ANYWAY how abouttttt Fire 8U

Ninetails-  Ninetails was my very first favorite pokemon because I thought it was really gorgeous, and I still do!

Quilava-  I love quilava because when we were kids and played with your pokemon figurines i always loved playing with the quilava figure.  my reason for loving it back then was i loved the pose it was in, i thought it was cute omg

Blaziken-  Blaziken is one of the starters of my FAVORITE REGION and although I dont think I ever used Blaziken, I still really love it

Houndoom-  houndoom is probably my favorite dog pokemon out of all of them.  idk I really love the rib things.  its design is just really nice idk

Groudon-  groudon is the legendary of my very first pokemon game [ruby] and I absolutely love it.  Plus, i mean, its one of the only two pokemon to have a 1-hit KO guaranteed move as far as I’m aware.  how badass is that.

Volcarona-  i dont even know why i love Volcarona as much as i do omg.  Its probably because of that one comic thats gone around where a volcarona seems really scary to a joltik but its really a big sweetie and plays peekaboo with it.  After that I made sure to catch one and it was on my team as my fire source for awhile!


Send me a Pokemon type and I’ll list my six favorite of that type

☄ Picture of you
♥ Name of crush
☯ Religion
✉ State of origin
♬ Favorite song/s
♪ Favorite band
☑ Full name
Ω Favorite Book
♘ Favorite Animal
✞ Are you religious
☥ Cats or dogs
☝ Dominant hand
♨ Ocean or Lake
♉ Star Sign
♧ Eye color
✌ Favorite character
✏ Writer or reader
☪ Hair color
♂ Gender
✈ Last vacation
☍ Silver or gold

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infinitealias sent: KAVI: ♪✖♠ c8

♪ - Are they musically inclined?

Sort of!  As a royal [or, upper class in general], its almost like, required for him to know some kind of musical instrument, as its seen as part of a broad view of knowledge.  Kavi likes singing [though I’m not sure how good he is or would be] simply because he knows Nikezu is good at it, and as we can see just from Kavi’s hairstyle, he copies Nikezu a lot.  Eventually Kavi will probably try and learn piano because that’s what Nikezu learned as a kid!

✖ - Who is someone they just cannot stand?

KAYN.  kayn.  He also has an aversion [or fear, lmao] of aggressive people.  I’m sure he doesn’t get along with a lot of his [MANY] half siblings.  Also, he doesn’t like people who are mean to Nikezu, though he knows he can’t do a single thing about it [he’s kinda blind to the power he has as a prince oops].

♠ - What are they afraid of?

Kavi is really scared of Kayn, and people who act like him.  I think a part of him is also very afraid of losing Nikezu because Nikezu is one of the only stable things he has, and the only parental type figure he has left [momma left early and the king really doesnt have time for his children nor does he really care about a lot of them].  Kavi is very uneasy around people he doesn’t know, especially if they’re a lot taller than he is, and this is just 100% worse if Nikezu is not around.  Due to Kayn he doesn’t like getting touched by people without warning.  I could go on for ages about what Kavi is scared of but those are the main ones!

For those who may care

Some of you may have seen my post last night.  I’m here to clear up what’s going on.

We took my dog in to the vet today to get her looked at.  The vet was very kind, he checked her legs out and she did a very good job.  She did infact blow out both knees, and when he checked out the second one, something had popped rather audibly.  He says that usually they don’t do surgery on both legs at the same time, but he would do so with her.  

Our biggest worry was money- surgery for one leg cost about $3500.  There was no way we could afford $7000 for both legs.  He told us [without us even asking] that if he did surgery for both legs, it wouldn’t cost us the whole 7k, as we would already be paying for most of it with the first leg anyway [bloodwork, the drugs used in the surgery, etc].  

As a result, my dog is not going to be put down.  Surgery begins tomorrow morning, she’s staying there tonight so we didn’t have to put her through another car ride.  She’ll be staying there 2 days post op, so she’ll be there for around 4 days.  But the main thing is that my dog is alright.

Thank you so much to those who took the time to send me a message of comfort.  Everything is alright now, and I couldn’t be any more relieved.  Even though she’s perfectly alright and doing well at the vets office [not to mention walking better after he popped her knee], it’s awfully awkward without her home.  I don’t know what I would’ve done if she never returned!

questions about your character.

- What does ‘love’ mean to them?
- What are they afraid of?
- What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?
- What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)
- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?
- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?
- Something that/Someone who makes them happy.
- If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?
- Are they musically inclined?
- What kind of music do they enjoy?
- How do they react to praise?
- How do they handle rejection?
- Do they prefer sour or sweet treats?
-  Favorite season and why?
- Do they have an idol or someone they look up to?
- Do they have a love interest?
- Who is someone they just cannot stand?
- Do they value loyalty?
- Do they trust easily?

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All legendary Pokémon, minus Diancie, Volcanion and Hoopa! Because I completely forgot about them hahaha…

Originally this was going to be some glorious digital painting all dramatic-like and have multiple backgrounds showing the locations each legendary is found.


I am so burnt out on this, so…. enjoy a simpler version of it. :’D

(I also reused a drawing I did of the Sinnoh legends I did a long time ago, and that Rayquaza drawing I did a while ago *SOB*)

 | "You once said you wanted to swim in a pool of cherry blossom.” |  

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