Consider the following:


  • drops the n-word for no reason
  • responded to someone asking him politely to not use the word “retarded” by flaming them and throwing a twitter tantrum
  • uses the “not ALL men” argument
  • compares feminists and people who disagree with him to fascists and white supremacists
  • generally a shitdick
  • massive ego
  • plays weird games and relies on the game’s content to be funny


  • donates to charity with his youtube money
  • hilariously bizarre
  • makes a point to thank his fans and answer their questions every so often
  • allows anyone/everyone to use his audio and videos
  • greatest voice ever
  • also plays weird games AND other stuff, still manages to be funny even if the game is bland
  • mysterious cool guy

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a huge bunch of twitter pics ranging from obvious effort to absolutely zero. read the captions for more ofc

drawings one and two are two more collabs between me and hachibani! both were my ideas but she did the sketch in the first, i touched up/lined/coloured — in the second i sketched and she lined, then i coloured!

you may have seen those fire emblem haikyuus before on bani’s blog but this is my original chart lol, i just never got around to posting it before she drew em (shakes fist lovingly)


2 down, 3 to go 

(it made me just as happy!)

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we lived and died a story , we are warriors !

                             Art [ x ] [ xx ]

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Ghouls have feelings too. No different than humans do. Why don’t human turn their attention toward that? Why don’t they try to understand? It’s something so obvious. It’s something so simple.

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Tried again.  The flash was super saturated but the window light washed him out so no luck in photos today.  Then he got to feeling insecure and was holding himself, so that was the end of it.



Egypt, China, Russia and Iran’s governments have now all criticized the USA over the human rights being broken in Ferguson. 

What a fucking embarrassment.